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Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

Choose One Prepaid Package:
(Works like a Dollar Bill)

x 5 ULTIMATE = $60
x 5 The Works = $50
x 5 Basic Wash = $35

To Activate Prepaid Wash:

Simply Insert One of the Specially barcoded Tokenote® in Autocashier.

Free 5/3 Bank Envelope Included

Each Envelope will Contain
Qty 5 Tokenotes®

We can be reached below by e-mail or by contacting the closest location to you (click here to get telephone numbers).  We will then make arrangements with you to either deliver the Tokenotes® to your home address via mail courier or hand deliver them to you by dropping them at one of our car wash location.  Please note that it can take 2 to 3 days by mail.